Welcome to the very first blog post by Koru Business Consulting!

2017-07-12 - by Koru Consulting

We felt it important to start by sharing something about ourselves, our values and the motivation behind the work that we do at Koru. Our industry relies implicitly on trust between consultant/accountant and client, as we work with people’s money on a daily basis. As with all relationships trust must be earned. We build trust through open communication and agreement on deadlines and deliverables. We deliver consistently in order to build trust and to provide you with the information you need for growth to be achieved. A koru (the spiral shape made by a new unfurling silver fern frond) symbolises new life and growth, and where most would see growth in revenue as the bottom line, we have realised early on that this starts by growing the trust relationship with our clients.

Phillip Swart and I (Lauritz von Hörsten) attended business school at the University of Stellenbosch where we majored in Accounting. Phillip continued with his studies and ultimately become a Chartered Accountant (CA). After I finished my degree I realised that my passion for business management would benefit more from on-the-job experience than further studies. Philip and I decided to combine our efforts and expertise to offer a turnkey solution to our clients, and so Koru Business Consulting was born.

Our journey has been blessed with many wonderful clients, from quite disparate industries, with whom we have built long lasting relationships. We have overcome many challenges together, such as the current economic environment, and will continue to look for opportunities where others see only challenges.

Phillip and I are both avid gardeners and environmentalists (we are not quite sold on Hybrid cars yet) which made the choice of our company logo and tagline “providing the platform for sustainable growth” a very easy choice. We stand by this moto and believe in what we do. We believe in giving back by supporting local industries wherever possible. We build sustainable relationships with reputable suppliers, like the company that was instrumental in the design and development of our website, our social media marketing agents and our IT support company, and we aim to leverage these relationships to add value to our clients wherever possible.

Next time we will showcase a wonderful piece by our friend Craig Watters, who we follow closely on his site http://www.laigandlacy.com. We will be sharing interesting articles on our site and will write some of our own from time to time, so please send us some feedback regarding the posts and let us know if there are specific topics you are interested in.

We welcome you to our website and hope that you will engage with us and learn a few tips from the blog posts we will be sharing monthly as well as our articles posted on our Facebook page. We hope to see you at our social events (yes accountants do have social events) where we will be networking and getting to know one another a bit better.